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Artic Insulation is based on years of industrial experience

About us

If you are searching for the best products in thermal insulation or seamless waterproofing you have found the right place!

Artic Insulation is based on years of industrial experience. Artic Insulation division carries on this tradition giving clients peace of mind that the project will be completed. With one of the largest mobile spray rigs in the country, we can spray hundreds of square meters of material a day giving you, the client, a cost efficient job.

Please take the time to look around our site and become familiar with the benefits of Spray Polyurethane Insulation (SPU) as well as PolyUrea seamless waterproofing.

Artic Insulation has assembled a range of very special equipment for the application of Sprayed Polyurethane foam (SPU).

We take this opportunity of explaining some of the technical aspects of the equipment. To apply SPU two chemicals polyol (poly) and isocyanate (iso) are pumped at very high pressure in separate pipes and combined in a jet at a spray gun where a very rapid chemical reaction causes the mixed product to foam and set in a short period of time. This is simply put as due to the chemical reaction. The chemicals have to be kept apart. Each chemical is carefully delivered to a computer controlled reactor where they are preheated and pumped in exact quantities through a pre-heated pipe system to a spray gun. Where they are mixed and delivered to the surface to be insulated. In addition a compressor is required for various purposes.

The operator has to wear a specialized breathing mask which is supplied at a particular flow rate, filtered and humidity controlled. There are delivery pumps feeding the reactor from 210 l drums that are air driven and as aforementioned an air pipe supplies air to the final mixing at the spray gun. Each air need is fed at a particular pressure, dried and filtered and volume controlled.

Strategy planning

We have a number of these rigs which are mounted in enclose trucks making each a mobile factory unit able to deploy at short notice to tackle many different types of projects. We have in fact successfully applied insulation to a very wide range of projects – laboratories, seed stores, chemical plants, TV studios, church auditoriums, heated swimming pools, piggeries, poultry batteries, cavity walls to name just a few. Currently we are involved with an off-set project where we are insulating RDP houses in townships. This is being done to reduce the reliance of coal fired cooking and heating on many houses that had previously had no insulation. We have completed more than 3000 houses

Thermal Insulation

extensive fire tests

We have conducted extensive fire tests on the system used on RDP houses and have independent certified ratings for our specialist systems and procedures. This is all based on our approved materials which are manufactured specifically for us.

fast and effective

The application is fast and effective. It can be applied internally or externally to a very wide range of surfaces. Insulation values (R –Values) can be varied by the thickness of the application.

very little heating

The comfort in an uninsulated room with a sheet metal roof once it has been insulated is immediate and remarkable and more importantly very little heating of cooling energy costs are required.