The Benefits

Polyurethane Foam – The Benefits

The liquid spray application (Polyurathane Foam) ensure that critical hard to reach areas are insulated without any problems.

Resipray RS 3000™ has a very low thermal conductivity that is unmatched by other traditional insulating materials.

The spray method of insulation gives a seamless insulating layer with no loints or gaps thereby reducing energy wastage.

RS 3000™ robust and rigid will extend the life of your building and its structural integrity.

RS3000 clings like a second skin and is perfect for almost all substrates such as Corugated sheeting, Fibre cement, Timber boards and the like.

Artic Insluation is based on industrial practices, staff are well trained and certified. The company can provide on request, Contractors All Risk Policies, Safety files and risk assesments.

Our experienced teams,under the correct environmental conditions, can apply up to 800m²/day with our high volume equipment.