Specialized Packaging

Specialized Packaging

Specialized Packaging

Artic Insulations has recently completed a high spec crating project for a local civil aircraft operator.

The project involved fabricating five large volume crates purposely designed to securely hold aircraft jet engines that were destined for refurbishment in Europe.

The new crates were modeled on existing OEM crates and the improved design was approved by a local certified engineer and signed off on by the client before production commenced

The crates were precision cut and assembled by the Artic Insulation crew at its large base in Apex Benoni. Each crate was fumigated and certified to meet export regulations. The crates each contained a 4 ton jet engine securely bolted to a purpose built cradle. Once loaded, the engines are wrapped in heavy duty plastic sheeting. High density foam polyurethane was spayed into the lower half of the crates, this foam sets solid in minutes.

Again plastic is laid over the engines again and more sprayed foam is added unto the crate until it is totally filled with foam

The result is a clamshell type foam structure around the rather expensive jet engine that, along with the cradle and the clamshell foam makes it impossible for the engines to move within the crate when being airfreighted in and out of Europe.

The engines undergo a refurbishment program in Europe and the same crates are used to airfreight the engines back to South Arica again.

Artic Insulation is an associate company of Artic Driers International a long established compressed air treatment equipment supplier. The Insulation company handles a variety of projects from specialized crating to thermally insulating buildings or even constructing film set props with the high density polyurethane foam.

The sprayed polyurethane foam has very high insulation properties and provides a seamless “blanket on top off, or under almost any roof structure reducing thermal loss and heat gain Artic also sprays Poly Urea. This material provides seamless water proofing solution for any structure. It is also used in waterproofing foundations and basements, to name just a few applications.

The materials are all sprayed from the same E30 high volume Graco reactor system. this is housed within a self contained 10 ton truck that houses a large generator, compressor, and breathing air system. the rig can operating for days on any site without connecting to any other power source.